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4 Best Consumer FinanceStocks for New Investors

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The new year is a perfect time for investors to begin saving for the future, with resolutions to invest and not spend money on frivolous things. Learning about different investment opportunities is also a great time to become a more informed investor. As a result, many investors have asked what the best stocks to buy in 2019 are. If you’re new to investing or looking to add some consumer finance stocks to your portfolio, here are four great options that could serve as a starting point. Each of these stocks has been on an uptrend recently, making them good additions to any portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Credit Acceptance (CACC)

Credit Acceptance (CACC) is a finance company that provides loans to subprime borrowers. The company’s business model is built around riskier loans, but they’ve achieved remarkable success while avoiding many of the pitfalls of the subprime segment. Credit Acceptance has increased its dividend payments to shareholders by 10% annually over the last five years, and the stock has seen strong growth in recent years. Credit Acceptance’s business is tightly focused on a single niche: subprime auto loans. As a result, the company doesn’t face the same level of competition as some other companies on this list. The firm works directly with auto dealers to tailor financing solutions for subprime borrowers who may have struggled to secure financing in the past.

Ally Financial (ALLY)

Ally Financial, a subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc., is a financial services company that operates primarily in the auto, home, and student finance sectors. The company specializes in financing consumers with less-than-perfect credit, offering online loans for people who don’t have the best financial track record. Ally Financial operates in the same subprime lending space as Credit Acceptance, but the two companies are very different. Ally Financial has been a standout performer over the last several years and has seen its shares appreciate by more than 650% since early 2012. The company has captured a significant portion of the subprime lending market and is now one of the largest auto finance companies in the United States.

Discover Financial Services (DFS)

Discover Financial Services is one of the biggest credit card companies in the United States, with a portfolio of more than 85 million active accounts. The company began in the 1980s as a credit card issuer, and today it operates a wide range of consumer credit card products. Discover is the ninth-largest company in terms of assets and boasts more than 150 million card members. The company’s Discover card is one of the best credit cards on the market today, and it’s earned several accolades since its inception. Credit card debt is generally not a good investment, but Discover is different. The company has seen strong growth in recent years, and its credit card business has rapidly grown.

Enova International (ENVA)

Enova International is a consumer finance company that provides loans through third-party channels, such as auto dealers. The company operates in an interesting niche of the consumer finance sector, focusing primarily on loans for purchasing commercial vehicles, such as delivery trucks and taxis. Although Enova does offer to finance private consumers, the commercial auto finance business is a much larger segment for the company. In addition, like Credit Acceptance and Ally Financial, Enova specializes in subprime lending, which could be a negative in the eyes of some investors. However, the company has seen strong growth in recent years and has benefited from the overall growth in consumer lending.


Investing in consumer finance stocks has its advantages and can be a profitable strategy for long-term investors. These stocks should continue to see strong growth shortly and be good additions to any portfolio.

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