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Top Food & Staples Stocks You Can Buy Today

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When you think of investing in the food and staples sector, you probably think of agriculture, not packaged snacks and meal kits. But nowadays, almost every company that sells staple foods has also branched out into packaged snacks or other foods that can be considered staples. These companies don’t all fit neatly into the same bucket. You see a lot of different examples as you explore the world of food and staples stocks. Here are five top stocks to invest in today if you’re interested in this sector.

The Chefs’ Warehouse (CHEF)

The Chefs’ Warehouse is a leading restaurant equipment leasing and franchising company. It also operates a small network of culinary and hospitality schools under the CHEF Bar & Kitchen brand. The company leases and sells products from a wide range of manufacturers, including food service equipment, kitchenware, smallwares, and beverage equipment for bars and restaurants. And it sells franchise packages for its school under the Chefs’ Cooking School. The Chefs’ Warehouse is growing rapidly. The company has expanded its lease operations and franchising activities over the last few years. As a result, revenues have climbed steadily, and profits have appeared. The company has a small debt load and a strong cash position.

Sendas Distributor (ASAI)

Sendas Distributor is a large distributor of grocery and non-food items in the U.S. and Canada. It serves various customers, including independent grocers, small chains, large chains, and hotels. The company also operates several convenience stores under the brand name Sendas. Sendas Distributor stock has soared recently due to its investment in new facilities and acquisitions. In addition, the company has increased its capital spending and has taken a few strategic steps to expand its business. In 2018, Sendas purchased the assets of a wholesale distribution company called Sonoma Wholesale Distributors. The combined company now has more than $2 billion in revenue and a network of more than 150 facilities.

Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM)

Sprouts Farmers Market is a large grocery store chain specializing in fresh produce and other foods. It operates stores in the U.S., mostly in the Southwest. The company has expanded quickly in recent years, focusing on organic and natural foods. Sprout’s name comes from the company’s focus on the store’s produce section. Sprouts have a wide selection of different fruits and vegetables, and it tries to stock produce that is in season locally. Sprouts had a rocky start in the bear market of the late 2000s, but it has recovered nicely since then. The company has grown revenues and profits in the last three years. The stock has soared along with these improvements.SFM has a strong balance sheet, cash flow, and dividend. It also has room to grow, with plenty of room to expand geographically and new stores opening regularly.

Brady (BRC)

Brady is a leading supplier of identification cards and other security and identification solutions. In addition, it offers various other products and services, including cash drawers, software, and equipment for law enforcement and government agencies. Brady has a wide range of customers. The company provides identification cards and security solutions for colleges, hotels, hospitals, telecommunications businesses, and many other industries. Brady has a history of steady growth and dividend hikes, and it has a healthy balance sheet. The company has a wide range of products and services. It’s also the only company on this list that doesn’t sell food or staples.


Food and staples stocks will always be in demand. Food is essential for survival, and the need for staples will likely remain constant through economic ups and downs. Brady and Sendas have been growing for years, and Sprouts, CHEF, and ASAI have recently expanded quickly. All of these companies are likely to be around for decades to come, and they make good long-term investments.

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