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Best Outlook Automation Tools

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Automation tools help workers and officers to optimize their time. The tool takes over your work and performs the tests for you. Rather than performing the same tasks again and again, it allows one to complete some other tasks assigned to them. The tools are best at achieving the set goals in a short amount of time, improving effectiveness and reliability. It helps you save time and money.

Outlook is a major email communication manager software used by plenty of organizations. It consists of automation tools that carry out customary repetitive tasks such as emailing and managing the calendar. We’ve assembled several best automation tools in Outlook, which can be used to automate the process and reserve time so that it can be invested somewhere more worthwhile.

Outlook Transfer

Outlook Transfer is email migration software that can convert gigabytes of emails and attachments. With the help of this service, users can also transfer the formatting and even calendars. If you have been using one of the major email apps and services, Outlook Transfer is a good choice, especially if the speed and easiness of procedures are paramount for you.


BCC, also known as Blind Carbon Copy, enables the user to send the same copy of an email to the specified recipient whose email address is mentioned. When you put the email address in line with BCC, it makes it private. Other recipients are not visible to each other. CC, also known as Carbon Copy, is an automated tool that performs the same function. However, it doesn’t make the recipients private.

Quick Parts

Quick parts is an underrated but effective tool in-built in Outlook and Word. It facilitates the user by enabling them to store, create, and even reuse the content stored in galleries. Providing building blocks is another feature that comes with quick parts. It can be reused and accessed at any handy time.

Suggested Meetings

This add-in tool enables the user to streamline the process of adding events to the calendar. It works as a scheduling assistant. The add-in scans the emails for events, times, and dates. When you click on it, a bar pops up above the email, which directly schedules the event for you by looking into your availability.

Canned Responses

This integrated automated tool in Outlook helps increase your productivity by saving time on answering repetitive emails. Canned responses allow automation of the usual time-consuming, repetitive tasks. It is based on an actual email that answers specific types of queries. You can compose your personalized email for the required problem. After you store the response, you won’t have to type it out over again. A few clicks would be enough to send that same typed-out email to the subject.


Olmixedfolders is a synchronizing tool that helps organize the data in Outlook. It also transfers the content from the mobile to the PC. It is an add-in that syncs default folders to public folders and subfolders. You can always leave out the personal items from synchronization by adding filters to the folders.

Auto Print

This add-in allows you to print the selected emails, attachments, or even both. Important emails can automatically be printed out by this add-in. By creating your own rules and specifying the emails, you’ll get prints of the needed documents without having to do anything. You can easily perform record keeping with the help of this automated tool.

File Fetch

This is a tool in Outlook that automatically sends out a requested file from your computer. You can also ensure safety by limiting the number of files and folders which can be accessed, or you can even set a code or password to the specific folders. This will help your data to be retained. Accessing and retrieving the files from your office at your home is quite feasible with this automated tool.

Schedule Recurring Email

This feature helps you to remind other groups of people of certain events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even essential meetings and occasions. You need to take care of the frequency of emails you’re sending to the other party. Outlook has several tools which outstandingly help you in work. Recurring email delivery is undoubtedly one of them. You can even specify the date and time for the email to be sent.

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