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Top Packaging Stocks To Buy In 2022

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Top packaging stocks are those with the potential to grow their businesses substantially. They need to have a clear strategy for growth that aligns with their brand and is within their capabilities. Many top packaging stocks have acquired smaller businesses to expand their reach in the industry and gain market share. A strong top packaging stock has a growing business that is growing rapidly at the same time with the potential for further significant growth. They have a management team that can continue this success going forward and measures to avoid making any catastrophic errors.

Amcor (AMCR)

AMC has grown its business substantially in the past few years by acquiring several other companies. In 2017, they acquired Albaran-Pac. This acquisition increased their reach in the packaging solutions industry, especially in the food packaging sector. In 2019, AMC purchased the U.S. company Sonoco, allowing them to compete more aggressively within the packaging solutions sector. Sonoco provides packaging solutions to the food and beverage industries and healthcare sectors.

Liberty Latin America (LILA)

LILA has focused more on growing its business organically rather than through acquisitions. They have focused on increasing the quality and quantity of their products and expanding their sales network. This has allowed them to increase their market share in their core markets. In addition, LILA has identified key growth markets and has established processes to start growing in those countries. This includes hiring local employees and establishing a local supply chain.

Telkom Indonesia (TLK)

TLK is growing its business through acquisitions, but they are also growing organically. They have acquired several businesses but have done so in a way that doesn’t disrupt their core business. This has given TLK a much wider reach within the telecommunications sector.TLK has also partnered with other companies to expand its reach even further. For example, theyFor example, they have formed a partnership with the Hutchison Whampoa group and acquired a stake in a telecommunications company in Pakistan.

Brady (BRC)

Brady has continually been acquiring smaller companies to expand their business. For example, they have acquired companies supplying food and medical packaging packaging. They have also acquired companies that create packaging for cleaning products and car parts. Brady has also partnered with other companies to offer their products to more customers. Two examples of these partnerships are ones with Apple and Amazon. Brady has also been working to streamline their supply chains and improve its product quality. This will allow them to provide more consistent and reliable services.


Top packaging stocks will have a strong business model and be able to grow their revenue, profit, and market share over the next few years. They will have a clear strategy for growth and the management team to execute this. The company will also have measures in place to avoid any major missteps. Brady and Liberty Latin America are top packaging stocks to buy. Both companies have a strong track record of growth and a clear strategy for continued success.

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